How to stop negative thoughts ?


“How to stop negative thoughts?” — the question itself is with negativity.Perhaps the question should be how to think positive everyday?

The process is just be cool, keep quite, rest on your chair and think about the things which makes you smile.If you crazy about listening songs which makes you away from negative thoughts, then go for it.if you love to play games which makes you distract from the world play them.

Always surround yourself with positive people.because positive things are happened only them who are positive.

First make the environment around you so strong and positive so that it will create a secured cocoon around you.This will make you warm with positive energy.

So, this is just a simple thing right ? Deliberately think more good thoughts and the negative thoughts will automatically get vanished from your life.

Be Happy,Stay Cool


U’r belief will be strong, when you feel happy!


When you are feeling happy, your belief will be strong.

If you are feeling tired,lacking energy,scared that the time when doubts and unsecured feeling comes in.

Everyone has gone through such phase in life but that time you to remind yourself that this is temporary and it will pass.

This is why its so much important to follow your bliss everyday, as this will make you happy and indirectly makes your belief strong.

Auth: Hero by Rhonda Byrne