“He” is there for you

Om Namah Shivay

In our life a stage comes when we realized this is not what I wanted, this should not happened to me,Its unfair. This is what our mind thinks in a miserable situation.But in “his” mind something for us we never know.

“He” have some plans, “He” want to see us happy, “He” want us to get something better.

That “He” is GOD in different a names shiva, Allah, Jesus, Buddhaa Or we can called it as “Destiny”.

We try hard for a person, job, flat, car but why don’t we get it. Something is there behind it “A good thing”.A good thing in “his” mind we can say. “He” know what is better for you. Even “He” always showing us the right direction.Just keep your eye open.Think that what would be the message behind this situation. What my lord want to say? Why “He” bring me in this puzzled situation?

When we ask such question we instinctively get the answers.We just need to pray and keep faith on “his” doings.

I trust on him and his miracles.My lord is there for me “he” cares me a lot.I am his child.”He” trust me that i will never hurt anyone badly and if someone hurts me “he” is there to care and cherish me in my bad.

Om Namah Shivay