A New Day


Each day is a gift for you to carefully unwrap.What happens next is up to you.You can cherish every second that you’re given or let time slip between your fingers.You can live every day with gusto and make every moment matter or you can be fearful and worry about what tomorrow will bring.

You can reach out and make a difference in someones life or focus on more ways to better your own.You can pursue new ways to grow as a person or wait to see if the world stops changing.You can reach for things that will make you happy or your you can be content with what you already have.You can drift along from down to dusk or live life like there is no tomorrow .. Before you know it, the seconds become minutes, the minutes become hours, and the day disappears into the night.

Yesterday is a memory – a place you can visit only in your dreams.And remember, no matter how hard you try , you can never get your minutes back.That day is gone forever.

Tomorrow is a new day.


When the disciple is ready, the master shall appear

buddha's first teaching

Today morning I read one post from one of my friends catches by my eyes. It was regarding his achievement published in the local newspaper. He won the “Growing Farmer of the village” award from city Mayor. With the minimal qualification of farming and lower budget he had took the more profit from in fruits farming and supplying. He was struggling from 3 years consistently and now getting his result.

Results will come to you, when you are ready for them.

If you chase your dream consistently and try hard for it you subsequently received it. We get many examples of successful people if we search them, we get simple solutions of our problems, if we search them, and we get many hands for help, when you are ready to receive. Being consistent towards your dream is the most important thing and to never lose hope is another one. Never quit to make headway towards life is actually the solution of your life.

Whatever bad you are going through, whatever bad you have did should never makes you fall deep in failure. Arise from your difficulties and prove the universe how much capable you are. Tell the world your success story with the great ardor. The whole universe is the sage, trust on your its directions.